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January 30, 2011

Hot Topic In the "Natural Hair" Community

If you know about the Youtube "natural hair" community then you have probably heard of the new hot topic this week. I believe it all started with Taren916 video, called Being "Natural" means... Black and Kinky ONLY?? Huh??.

As always this kind of topic always rub me the wrong way. I mean, listening  the video I get the point but it still bothers me. That people always put so much emphasis on things like that. As an Canadian, I have never seen a place where everything always comes back to race as much as in the U.S.  but I will keep that for another post.

However, we cannot dismiss people feelings. I mean, we may disagree but you can't tell someone that they are wrong to feel the way they feel without getting a nasty reponse. And that's normal,  feeling are usually based on indivduals life's experience and beliefs. What  may  appears irrational to me , is a real issue to someone else.

If it was up to me, women would stop complaining and take action instead. Starting with acceptance on oneself and other. Because at the end of the day, that's what this hair journey is about, at least to me... Acceptance

With that being said . I will leave you with two of my favourite video response so far.

How to you feel about the whole thing?

Until next time....

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