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January 19, 2011

Review on Naptural85 hot oil treatment

Hello dear reader!

Now that we are done with this new year business., the first I would like to talk to you about is  (drum roll)...

my hair....

For those who did not know, my hair is my current obsession, sad but true.

Have have been using Naptural85's hot oil treatment for more than three months, and let me tell you...that thing is absolutely fabulous. I just love it!

My hair is a lot softer, supple and most all the dryness level of my hair has decreased significantly.

When you look at the video the ingredient list is pretty substantial, but that because when I started my hair journey and wanted to do it right so badly that I bought every single ingredients.

Now, that I know more about hair care, am I so not sure  I will continue to buy theses oils once I am done with them. I will most probably stick with the basic. So do not feel like you have to go buy everything.

As I learn more about  hair care, I realize that I do not have to do everything that my fellow naturalista recommend.

So that is it for now, If you want to see how I use my oil treatment just click on the video.

Until next time.

P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the great thing about this oil treatment...I can use it even when I have my braids on.

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