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January 19, 2011

Why natural hair?

One of my earliest hair memory is when my mother would comb my hair (natural) but my hair were so kinky that eventually the comb would break. And in addition it would hurt LIKE HELL. That is why natural hair for me always had something negative unlessyou were mixed or very lucky land had malleable hair.

About a year ago, I think I watched the Tyra Banks Show (no comments please) and it talked about the complex black woman had for their natural hair, due to social pressure. slavery, etc. etc.. You can always find ou more about it on your own. In short, all that to say that it spoke to meand told myself that it would not hurt to have my natural hair.

First, relaxer is very harmful for the hair and hence my hair breaking all the time, I would no longer have to be afraid of walking in the rain or head to the pool (if you don't know what I mean watch Good Hair by Chris Rock it is excessive but there still some truth in it) plus it would save me a lot of money that can be used for something more fun.

The only problem: how to style my natural hair? I cannot spend my life with an afro and if one day I want to have straight hair does it mean I'll have to relaxe my hai and start all over again? Not cool, not cool at all.

But today I finally found solution to my problem. I was going through a magazine drive when I came upon a shampoo for kinky hair. I was doing a quick research about it on the internet ... when suddenly, I found a video on YouTube (where else) of a girl with kinky hair who tried the product. One thing lead to another and next thing you know I found hundreds of video with potential hairstyles, very pretty, for kinky hair and this is how I found myself starting a blog for the third time.

That is fine but how to go from relaxed to natural hair?

1. Shaving the head and start from scratch (It is not likely to happen. Thank you very much. I am honest enough to say that for me long hair is important!)

2. Making braids or weaves and cutting the relaxed ends as the natural hair grows and as soon as we reachs a good lengths start styling the hair ( chosen method)

It's been six months already since I have relaxed my hair, so the next step is to cut the ends and find good hair care product.

to be continued ...


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