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January 19, 2011

The Big Chop

Oh la la ...
I cut my hair! I knew this would happen one day or another. But still I'm in a state of shock.
No much left on the head! I must admit that this was an impulsive decision. After 6 days of heat wave I could not go on with this weaves guys.
I normally don’t really do well with to start with. (My head is always itchy), So imagine with this heat. I thought I would die, Literally. So after six days, meaning Sunday, July 11, 2010. I proceed with my Big Chop.
It was a strange experience. My friend gave me a haircut at her place. (Personally I decided not to go to the hairdresser anymore. I want to learn to live with my own hair. But really that’s a personal choice.) Initially my friend took it lightly, she thought I would only cut the ends. But when I showed her how far she had to go, She looked at me and said: “You're sure you want to cut all that? I think it’s quite a lot”. My heart is slightly tightened, but I resist the temptation and replied by the affirmative. I saw her
hesitating, so I took the scissors and cut a section in the front. She started laughing and I was crying. I ask her to remove the mirror in front of me, wiped my tears and to her to continued.
I saw the hair falling and kept saying to myself “it's for a good cause, it's for a good cause, it's for a good cause.” At the time I was in shock. It’s true that my hair wasn’t growing the way it use to, but still... I never had such short hair ! And it was even worst after washing it because of shrinkage.
But, until now I’ve received nothing but positive comment for the most part. The only person who had negative comment about it had a “kinky hair complex” if I may say so. She was saying things like: “why didn’t you relax your hair?” , “are you going to put a weave back? ” and so on.
To be honest we you dear readers, those comment did nothing more than get on my nerve. They didn’t make me regret my decision at all. Instead it just brought to the surface how mean that person really is. Everyone does what they want with their hair.
That does not give you the right to judge other. I f you don’t like my hair style you can either look somewhere else or simply not do it on your hair. It’s that simple. You don’t need to go ahead a belittle someone with your petty comment. It is possible that we do not have the same taste but that doesn’t mean does give you the right to denigrate my hairstyle and vice versa. So yeah that was my little rant moment. lol

A week later I can say with complete honesty that I do not regret my decision, it was the right thing to do for me. I’ve never played this much with my hair before and I like its texture. I can already feel that my hair has more body and volume but most importantly it all black. With hair relaxer, my hair had a tendency to become brownish colour. I still don’t know why it would happen and it was easy to notice the discolouration right after I blow dried my hair.

As far as maintaining my hair goes, I’m not doing much at the moment. I wash my hair once a week with shampoo and then use a conditioner. In my last post I talked about Klorane Abyssinian line as recommend by isateuf. Unfortunately I could not get it before leaving France. : C
And I did not check whether or not the product is available in North America I will do a little research and give you an answer within a few days. For now, I’m using olive’s best shampoo and conditioner ... (I have a weakness for olive oil based products : D)

At the moment I don’t really have time to try more fancy treatment for various reasons but as soon as my situation stabilizes I will keep you posted on my updates either on this blog or my Youtube channel.

On that note, have a great day where ever you are,

Until next time...

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