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January 19, 2011

Having second thought

June 21, 2010 I undid my weaves and was shocked to see the state of my hair
But even harder was to to comb my hair. I do not know about you but my hair is very kinky and running a comb trought it is real torture.
This time it was even harder because I did not take care of my hair, so I my growth were very hard to comb.. I just detangle roughly and went to bed.
The next day I was a bit braver and I detangle all section (6 total) again. The more I combed my hair the more I reconsidered my decision to start growing my natural hair.
When I watch videos of women who decide to keep their natural hair, their hair are so beautiful with well defined curls but more importantly their hair looks so soft.
For me combing my hair is, failing to repeat myself again, real torture.
I realized that my complex texture toward my natural resurfaced. I told myseld worst case sceneario I just go back to relaxer.

So I proceed with washing and all that stuff. And just when I started drying my hair. Horror! Part of the relaxed my hair started falling excessively in the back. Strangely, my heart was at peace.

Usually I'm the kind of girl who cries (ok maybe not cry but I'm still sad) for each hair lost. Not this time though.

I looked in the mirror and remembered why I decided to keep my hair natural

1.I'm sick of my hair breaking every three months or so.

2. I'm tired of depending on the hairdresser to feel presentable

3. I'm tired of depending on my braids or my weaves.

4. Because I'm tired of finding my hair too thin, and also being unable do to certain hairstyle .

Okay, that liltle speech sure made me feel good, but it does not mean that I'm not afraid. No matter how many hours I spend researching on how to maintain the natural hair, in the end unless I go for it à I'll never know if it was the right thing to do or not.
And I do not want to live with regrets. So I'm going to stick to my decision.
To show myself my commitement I cut a bing chunck of split ends 2-3 cm depending. (I almost never do it. So for me it's a big deal) In any case the rest of my relaxed hair will leave within 2-3 months.

I also adopted a regimen months to come until I take out the weave. I'll make it simple.
1. Weekly care :shampoo and conditionner (Klorane Abyssinian) (at least 1x a week)
2. olive oil every 2-3 days for my scalp.

To be continued ...


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